IEMA – Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

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Data 04/11/2019
Luogo Milano
Codice Edizione AU8581-2019
Ente erogatore AIAS ACADEMY
Prezzo di Listino (€) 600,00 IVA esclusa
Sconto soci AIAS SI (20%)
Prezzo per i soci AIAS (€) 480,00 IVA esclusa  (E' necessario essere in regola con il pagamento della quota annuale AIAS)
Company Advisor Silvia Lia Ragnoli
Modalità di erogazione In Aula


- Managers;

- Supervisors;

- Responsible for Quality departments and / or Environmental Management

- Health and Safety Officers;

- HSE Managers;
- Other professionals who develop functions in the area of HSE.

Durata del corso 14 hours (4-5 November 2019)
Analisi fabbisogno formativo

A new business model is emerging. “Green jobs" are a reality and concrete market leading organizations are already in place searching for professionals that provide a response to environmental issues. Having the knowledge and "skills" that enhances the environmental performance, productivity and growth, the holder of IEMA - Managing With Environmental Sustainability Certification becomes a valuable resource for companies looking for sustainable solutions. When the opportunity arises, introduce yourself as ... I'm IEMA!

With a wealth of well above average skills and an extensive knowledge in the environmental area, the individual certified by this training  is able to guarantee for SMEs savings of € 7,000 / year due to an effective and efficient management of environmental resources.

This international certification of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) is recognized worldwide, by their high demanding standards in terms of environmental management.


Valido per l’aggiornamento quinquennale di: ASPP/RSPP ex art. 32 D.Lgs. 81/08 per tutti i settori ATECO e aggiornamento formatori

Verifica finale dell'apprendimento

Final evaluation at the end of the 2nd day, through a manual written test in English language, with 1h length. The test consists of 10 questions, mostly short production, with the evaluation tool model offered by the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

The maximum possible score achieved by trainees is 60 points of which to pass students need a minimum of 40 points.The test is carried out without consultation and examination occurs under conditions defined by IEMA.

Obiettivi didattici


By the end of this training, attendees will be able to:

- Define Environmental Sustainability;

- Define key terms related to environmental sustainability;

- Analyze how environmental sustainability can impact organizational growth;

- Define energy efficiency;

- Define key terms in efficient use of resources;

- Explain the impact of resource consumption;

- Assess the impact of the scarcity of natural resources in organizations;

- Evaluate methods to optimize resource efficiency within organizations;

- Explain the benefits of resource efficiency;

- Explain the relationship between environmental sustainability and value creation;

- To describe the implications of environmental sustainability in different areas of the value chain;

- Define Pollution;

- Identify the key terms used in relation to pollution;

- Describe how to prevent pollution in organizations;

- Describe possible consequences if organizations cause pollution of the environment;

- Define the purpose of environmental legislation;

- Identify the principles and benefits of environmental management systems;

-  Identify practical actions that employees can take to support environmental sustainability; - Describe the environmental management structure within organizations.

Contenuti del corso

I. Understand the Strategic Opportunities and Constraints of Environmental Sustainability;  

2. Understand the Importance of Resource Efficiency

3. Understand The Impact of Environmental Sustainability Across The Value Chain

4. Know the Impacts of Pollution, Prevention, Control and Environmental Legislation in Organisations;

5. Know How Employees Can Support Environmental Sustainability

Study for the Exam

EXAM Evaluation of the Training by the Trainees

Documentazione IEMA’s Learner Manual.
Attestati AIAS Academy will give name certicates after full attendance of the training course (absences are allowed only for 10% of total training hours) and after successfull pass of final test.
Metodologie didattiche IEMA – Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers is a training initiative, based on expository, questioning and active methods, using techniques such as "brainstorming" and "case studies".
Area di appartenenza International
Tipologia EQF
Prevede prove pratiche NO
Prevede test finale SI
Docente del corso

Sérgio Roldão Duarte | iNLS Training Coordinator

- BSc in Environmental Health by Coimbra Health School, University of Applied Health Sciences - Croatia and Telemark University College - Norway

- HSE Officer Level VI;

- Accredited Trainer by the Institute of Environmental Management Assessment (IEMA);

- Accredited Trainer by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH);

- VCA Supervisor;

- Certified Trainer in Pedagogical Skills IEFP - Portugal; - 10 years experience in the aeronautical industry as responsible for the Aircraft Structures Dpt;

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