IOSH – Managing Safely

Every year, around 170,000 employees worldwide receive IOSH certification. This certification demonstrates a clear commitment to good health and safety practices of the work team.
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IOSH - Managing Safely

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15 novembre 2024 Videoconferenza

Informazioni corso:


Managers, Supervisors, Newly appointed Occupational Health & Safety Officers, Newly appointed Occupational Health & Safety Advisers; Other professionals who work in the area of Occupational Health and Safety.

Obiettivi didattici


After attending the course, the learner will be able to:

• Explain the importance of safe management;

• Outline the roles and responsibilities, in terms of health and safety, of employers, managers, supervisors, workers and their influence of safety management;

• Explain the concept of risk;

• Explain the principles and practices of risk assessment;

• Explain the general principles of control and a basic hierarchy of risk mitigation measures;

• Identify legal obligations in health and safety;

• Explain the functioning of legal obligations in health and safety;

• Outline the key elements of a health and safety management system;

• Outline common requirements in terms of health, well-being and working environment in the workplace;

• Explain hazards and control measures by minimizing the occurrence of incidents and ensuring safe workplaces for all people;

• Identify the causes (situations of danger) that can increase the occurrence of incidents;

• Explain the objectives and procedures for incident investigation;

• Explain the goals and procedures of health and safety performance measurement;

• Define the role of an active and reactive measurement;

• Explain the goals and procedures for a health and safety audit.

Analisi fabbisogno formativo

Provides the best tools to workers, on assessment and management of occupational risks, investigation of incidents and identification of hazards, making them able to take practical actions in safety and health within their Organization, aiming not only to reduce accidents and occupational diseases, as well as an improvement in the Organization’s reputation.

  • Ensures you can assess and control risks and hazards;
  • Ensures you understand your own responsibilities for safety and health;
  • Enables you to investigate incidents;
  • Empowers you to measure your own performance;
  • Allows for personal reflections on good practice.


Good oral and written english (B2 level) for the courses held in English.

Contenuto del corso

  • Introducing Managing Safely
  • Assessing Risks
  • Controlling Risks
  • Understanding Responsibilities
  • Understanding Hazards
  • Investigating Accidents

Verifica finale dell'apprendimento

The assessment of modules 1 to 7 in­cludes the formative and summative evaluation:

The formative evaluation will be carried out throughout each module, with the use of exercises of practical applica­tion, group work and case study;

The summative assessment will result in a multiple-choice test and a 1-hour risk assessment project. The test con­sists of 30 multiple-choice questions. The risk assessment project must be completed within two weeks of the end of the training.

Both evaluation moments will be evalua­ted internally by the trainer and mode­rated externally by IOSH. To be eligible for an IOSH Safety Management Certifi­cate, trainees must:

  • complete the seven modules;
  • achieve the minimum grade in the test - 36 in 60;
  • achieve the minimum grade in the project - 23 in 38;
  • have a total score of 60 or higher.

The assessment is based on projec­ts and practical work directly relevant to each candidate’s workplace. The evaluations are marked by the iNLS that ensures the quality standards re­quested by IOSH, at a time and place that suits both parties.

Metodologie didattiche

IOSH Managing Safely is a training initiative, based on expository, questioning and active methods, using techniques such as "brainstorming" and exercises.

Docente del corso

Nelson Leite e Sà (NEBOSH Lead Tutor) GradIOSH

  • CEO&Founder iNLS Solutions;
  • NEBOSH&IEMA Accredited Trainer;
  • BSc Environmental Health | MSc Sustainable Energy Systems;
  • PhD candidate Environmental and Occupational Health;
  • National Public Health School – New University of Lisbon.


IOSH Certification in Managing Safely.

Documentazione rilasciata

Power Point Presentation; IOSH Learner Manual (e-book handout and physical book are available options); Videos; Formative Assessments (Mock Exams type of exercises).

Certificazione AIAS Cert

AIASCERT, Organismo di Certificazione Accreditato da ACCREDIA, certifica le competenze delle figure professionali secondo processi e schemi conformi alla norma UNI 17024. Il corso può essere valido per aggiornamento e o formazione specifica ai fini della certificazione secondo alcuni schemi. Clicca qui qui per visualizzare tutti gli schemi disponibili.
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