NEBOSH – Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence is intended to be rated within the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework at SCQF Level 6 with 1 SCQF credit point.
DURATA: 7 ore

Scegli edizione:

26 settembre 2024 Videoconferenza

Informazioni corso:


  • This qualification is for senior busi­ness leaders or anyone who aspires to this role in the future.
  • It will help you become a better health and safety advocate and influencer by highlighting the key areas to focus on to make a diffe­rence.
  • It is relevant for all business leaders working in any sector, anywhere in the world.

Obiettivi didattici

After attending the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify the business benefits of health and safety leadership (including the moral, legal and financial arguments
  • Outline the effects of good health and safety leadership of safety culture
  • Identify the Human failures
  • Understand the HSE’s ‘Make it happen’ model
  • Describe the decision making processes including mental short cuts and perception biases
  • Identify Leadership styles
  • Identify the HSE’s five leadership values

Analisi fabbisogno formativo

The qualification focuses on how leadership behaviours can impact on the health and safety culture of an organisation and it guides leaders to become better advocates for health and safety within their respective organisations.

The cost to the economy of injuries and ill-health is enormous – a cost that is often hidden, but is estimated to be in the order of billions of pounds annually in the UK alone.

Therefore, having leaders in your organisation who inspire others to drive health and safety throughout a business not only protects workers but also contributes towards profitability and compliance.


Very good oral and written english (B2 level).

Contenuto del corso

Element 1: The foundations of health and safety leadership

  • The reasons for and benefits of health and safety leadership exce­llence, the importance of an agreed health and safety vision and the business benefits excellent health and safety leadership brings;
  • The moral, legal and financial rea­sons for good health and safety leadership;
  • How leaders can gain assurance that health and safety is being ma­naged effectively;
  • How good leadership can positively influence health and safety culture.

Element 2: Human failure and decision making

  • Understand how human failure can impact on health and safety culture and how the ‘Make it happen’ model can help to change behaviours;
  • Recognise how mental short cuts, perception biases, habits and belie­fs can influence the decision making process.

Element 3: Leadership

  • The meaning of transformational, authentic, resonant and transactio­nal leadership styles;
  • The application of the five values and supporting foundations of the HSE’s health and safety leadership model;
  • How relationships with the workfor­ce can be built by effective leader­ship communication.

Verifica finale dell'apprendimento

Candidates must achieve a 'Pass' in Unit HSL1 to pass the qualification.

There is no time restriction for passing the Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence as this is a one unit qualification.

Candidates are required to complete all parts of the assessment to achieve a Pass. If the student does not achieve a Pass the accredited course provider is expected to work with the student to enable them to meet the required standard.

The only grades available for this qualification are Pass and Refer.

Metodologie didattiche

Online in real time or classroom training.

Docente del corso

Nelson Leite e Sà (NEBOSH Lead Tutor) GradIOSH

  • BSc (Hons); MSc, PhD candidate GradIOSH; Senior HSE Specialist
  • CEO & Founder iNLS Solutions, Lda (Since 2014)
  • Assistant Professor for Bachelor and Master degrees at Coimbra Health School (2008-2014)
  • Safety Engineer at Pilkington Glass, UK (2007)
  • Responsible for the Civil Construction Department at MM Serviços – Leiria (2007-2008)
  • HSE Adviser since 2005
  • PhD candidate for Environmental and Occupational Health at Nova Public Health School – Nova University of Lisbon
  • MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems by the University of Aveiro
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Health from Coimbra Health School.
  • Invited Lecturer in dozens international and national conferences and author of scientific papers with peer review.
  • Trained with BOSIET, HUET + MIST, VCA VOL and GWO
  • Internal Auditor for ISO 45001:2018 by SGS Academy
  • Author of the book “Fundamentos Gerais em SST Internacional”
  • Principal author of the HSE Manual for Chemical Industry in Mexico through SGS Consulting
  • Adviser and Trainer of HSE in Portugal, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Albania, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil e México.


Sérgio Roldão Duarte - BSc (Hons); HSE Manager

  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Health;
    • Coimbra Health School
    • University of Applied Health Sciences – Croatia;
    • Telemark University College – Norway
  • Health and Safety Senior Advisor;
  • Responsible for Department of Structures for 10 years at aeronautical industry.
  • Trainer and Advisor for Brazilian Institute of Oil&Gas, INA (MOL GROUP), Bureau Veritas AO and SGS Angola
  • Professional experience in HSE in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Croatia
  • Certified Trainer of Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA);
  • Certified Trainer of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH);
  • VCA Supervisor;
  • Trainer and Examiner of NEBOSH HSWA, NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH III;
  • NEBOSH HSE Process Safety Manager
  • Currently responsible for iNLS office at Balkans based in Zagreb – Croatia.
  • Consutlant for HSE in VALE, CLN and CDN in Mozambique


NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership.

Documentazione rilasciata

Slides, Student manual, Exercises.

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